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Business Killers

Business Killers

National Life Group is excited about our strategic partnership with Selling Technologies, offering their program BusinessKillers® to National Life Group. BusinessKillers® is a proven presentation program that:

  • Allowes the prospect/client to quickly identify their areas of vulnerability
  • Start a conversation, and giving business owners a unique venue with which to focus on potential problems
  • Having a trusted advisor who develops strategies, not a salesman who sells product
  • Motivating the prospect/client to take action

Selling Technologies is a leader in emotional response marketing; and BusinessKillers® is based on the belief that emotion drives every buying decision. The ability to communicate with clients and prospects on an emotional level is what moves us from indifference to receptivity, and the process that Selling Technologies has created is both proven and repeatable.

The BusinessKillers® presentation can be completed in just one hour, and can be offered in several ways:

  • In a workshop setting with a breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • In a conference room
  • One-on-one with a business owner in their office or yours
  • In association with a CPA, attorney or P&C firm
  • Impromptu discussion of an individual topic(s)

For more information you can contact us at (954) 615-1980.