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Luis Vasquez

Luis started his career as a Financial Professional. Transitioned into a Leader's Role in the Financial Industry. Motivated by other great leaders and his vision to be able to persuade others to achieve a better life and career, he began to set a pathway for himself and for others to follow. He was raised believing you are your biggest competition and was determined to beat his best. Since holding his current position as Managing Director at Vital Financial Group and National Life Group, he has been recognized with company awards such as Sales Manager of the Year, GAMA Frontline Award, Most Validating Recruits Leader, A Class Production Leader and Rookie of the Year Award.

Today his focus is helping other financial professionals better understand money strategies, how it works, how to accumulate it, how to protect it, enjoy it and preserve it for generations to come is definitely my drive. 

Favorite quote: "They can do what I cannot do. I can do what they can't do, but together we can do great things". Together we can reach our greatest potentials. Are you on track to reach your greatest?
Awards are based on sales criteria.